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Fine Crafts
Handmade Ornaments

"Sugar Plum Fairie"

About the eggs
Each piece is entirely handcrafted and handpainted by the artist using real duck or goose eggshells. Each egg is hardened with an elaborate process involving several coats of gesso primer, followed by layer upon layer of acrylic paint. The surface is finished with seven coats of clear gloss varnish. This complete process gives the ornament a rich, luminescent quality as well as strength and firmness. "Little worlds" are created inside egg dioramas, and collage of natural materials embellish the egg ornaments. All scenic elements are individually handmade and handsculpted. Close attention is paid to every detail, and each egg has its own unique qualities.

Each egg is part of a numbered yearly edition and is signed, dated, and copyrighted. It comes presented in a silk-lined gift box, along with a description and fancy ornament hook.

Prices Start at $59.95 Each

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