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Fine Crafts
Hand-Blown Glass

Dede Flack Glass

Ms. Flack takes two duplicate shapes cut from sheets of hand-rolled glass. One sheet is clear irrid and the other is either a variegated clear and white opal glass or an opalescent colored glass. Frits of various colors and dichronic glass are to cut to form any patterns. Then some of the glass is lamp worked on a torch. The piece is then assembled and fused using a kiln at temperatures ranging from 1350-1500 degrees farenheit. After cooling, the flat fused piece is placed over a mold and a secong firing slumps the flat glass into its final shape. Tiny air bubbles or "seeds" are created as the molten glass fuses together creating a unique piece. Each piece is signed and dated. Lead free and non-toxic, hand washing is recommended.

Sizes: Platter-12x12"
Bowl-Aprox. 13" Diameter
Candle Holder for 2 candles-8" Long
Candle Holder for 7 candles-28" Long
Prices Start at $39.95

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