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William H Hays

Block printing is the oldest form of making multiples of an image. Using color is slightly less ancient but still a traditional technique. The overall method is to carve away parts of a smooth surface and use the remaining, original surface to print with ink on paper or cloth. The overriding element is that what is printed is either positive or negative, black or white, carved or not carved.

For William Hays, the idea of positive and negative is everything but black and white. Hays takes the simplicity of linocut printing to new levels in his beautiful and complex prints. Intricate techniques of carving and printing are brilliantly reflected in the rich colors and resonant atmosphere of each print.

"Guilford Night"   "First Snow"   "Winters Gown"   "Tail Wind Migration"
"Deep Wood Falls"   "Three Sisters"   "Stickney Brook"   "Moonlight Lead"
"Evensong"   "Emptying the Sky"   "Migration"   "Crowful Quienscence"
"Water Lillies"   "Snowy Caw"   "Solitude"   "Quiet Night"
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