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Tiago Finato

Tiago moved to the United States from Brazil to continue exploring the art world and established himself in Massachusetts in 2001. During this time he painted commissioned portraits; still lifes; conducted classes and workshops; and worked at improving his painting skills and techniques. He exhibited his art in many galleries and national juried shows, winning awards and recognition along the way.

Currently President of the Greater Fall River Art Association, and considered one of the premier artists in the New England area, Tiago’s best highlight painting is the Fall River Library commission, “Human Emotion at a Moment in Time”, a portrait painting for the tenth anniversary of September 11. This 6 foot by 7 foot painting describes human emotions in such difficult times. Tiago’s most recent commissioned painting was the portrait of the new Mayor of Fall River, Massachusetts, William A. Flanagan, which is on permanent display at the Fall River Government Center.

"Wine Tasting"   "Pear"   "Peach"   "Quil and Ledger"
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