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Becky Kisabeth Gibbs

I am inspired by the infinite variety of forms that appear in nature, especially the illusive and ever-changing beauty of water and the always irregular yet repetitive shapes of trees. I am intrigued by the fractal patterns that appear at every level of scale, in both the visible world and the hidden microscopic world.
As my work continues to evolve, I seek to explore the dual human relationship with nature - escape in itís beauty and complicity in itís destruction. Stylistically, my work currently has two directions: abstraction and abstract realism.
My biomorphic abstract paintings explore the macro and micro, and blur the line between reality and imagination, inner space and outer space. They may incorporate symbology and abstract information pertaining to our destruction of the environment, or do the opposite - reflect on the inherent beauty of life.
My work in abstract realism is based on my own photography. My interest in the landscape reflects both the traditional concept of finding solace in nature, as well as more contemporary issues of humansí relationship with the environment.
In my art, I reflect on the eternal cycle in which our world moves, where nothing is static but continually changing. I explore this imagery with the use of and experimentation with a range of media, including oil paints, powdered pigments, India & acrylic inks, as well as a variety of drawing media.
Newer studio work explores technology: the transfer of my traditional two-dimensional work to digital video; and experimentation with the re-use of obsolete recording materials in conceptual art which comments on the throw-away nature of our society and the need for regeneration of materials to create a sustainable planet.
My subject matter and styles continue to evolve in different directions, but as I move forward I see these paths inevitably intersecting, joining and also diverging again.

"Heavens and Abyss"   "Atmospheric Abyss #2"   "Atmospheric Abyss #1"   "Blue"
"Mindbug 3.0"            
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