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Barbara Leger

Barbara Leger is noted for her intrinsic talent of capturing the sea in all its glory. She has a long history of classical training, formally and in studio, with a strong concentration in oil painting. Ms. Leger has also trained through a Master Apprenticeship Program.

Barbara is an active member of Oil Painters of America. She is an integral part of the resurgence of the illuminist movement. Select paintings from her 2011 collection can be enjoyed at premier galleries in New England.

As an illuminist, Barbara devotes countless hours building thin layers of clear pigmented oils that result in refined detail of the powerful and seductive sea. Her paintings are like a perfectly choreographed dance; the wind lifts the sea, moves the sails, slants the sculpted vessel, while the sun lights all that receives its shine. The waves curl and the tiny peaks are lit to become a field of diamonds, arriving to the point beyond expectation, the painting is signed...Leger.

"Pocomo Point"   "Warm Amber Tides"   "American Waters"   "Day Sailor at Night"
"Fog Lifting"            
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