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Stephanie Marzella

Stephanie Marzella has been a painter of landscapes since receiving her fine arts degree at the Cleveland Institute of art. The driving forces behind her work are the love of nature and interpretive use of color. She is inspired by her immediate surroundings and lived on a tidal cove off Naragansett Bay called Mill Creek Cove. She was able to watch the tidal changes every day and the sunset at night. Through her work, she is expressing her emotional response to nature's mystery and its constant transitions. By creating mood and atmosphere in her paintings she hopes to awaken these emotions in the hearts and minds of the viewer.

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"Golden Sonata"   "Harvest Song"   "Summer Reflections"   "Shimmering Horizon"
"Jamies House"   "Sunset Cove"   "Sunset Harvest"   "Riverside"
"Autumn Brilliance"   "Cove View"   "Emerald Waves"   "Glisten"
"Radiance"   "Tidal Calm"   "Veiled Light"   "Haven"
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