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Christopher Zhang

Born in Shanghai, China Christopher Zhang acquired a BFA degree in China and an MFA in the United States. In addition to creating subject matter paintings, he specializes in portraiture and landscapes. His primary medium is oil although he also does works in watercolor, acrylic, gouache and chinese ink. One of his favorite themes is Western ballet. He sees it as a perfect combination of visual and performing arts. From the perspective of visual art, ballet shows perfectly the beauty of the female body shape representing the classic aesthetic standard.He has visited many ballet schools and professional dance studios and is deeply impressed by the hard work of the ballerina. He understands the proverb which goes "One-minute success on the platform is a result of ten years of hard work" The images of the young dancers are the symbol of purity and beauty. Painting them has become his strong desire and passion. That is why he calls these paintings "The Soul of Dancers"

"At Studio"   "Back Stage"   "Three Swans"   "Dressing Room"
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