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Vitek Kruta "Inscapes"

The idea for ‘Inscapes’ came to him during his hasty emigration to the United States, a country new and unfamiliar. He troubled over how he would adapt his skilled experience into new forms that remain faithful to his European imagination and artistic sensibility.

When he escaped Communist repression in the former Czechoslovakia he was an art student and a painter of theatrical scenery. He immigrated to Nuremberg, Germany. There he started a career with the Wiedl Restoration Company as a ‘Kirchenmaler’ or church painter. This work exposed him to the extraordinary work left by master European painters on the walls of churches and castles, a legacy of human imagination and knowledge that he was taught to bring back to live. This task instilled in him a passion for art, a passion he brought to bear in his small ‘Inscapes.’

Painting is for him a mode of spiritual quest. He brings to it commitment and passion.

‘Inscapes’ express the ‘inner world’ he lives in and explores. They represent peace, solitude, contemplation, meditation, relaxation, and healing. Their doors are wide and open, inviting the viewer into images of places and landscapes drawn from my memory, molded by the feelings and thoughts he experiences while painting.

‘Inscapes’ are one of a kind, hand built of wood and wood composite. They are finished with acrylic paints and varnishes, and sometimes with gold or silver leaf.

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