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Vitek Kruta "Surreal Abstractions"

The idea of these playful abstract compositions came to him from 30 years experience painting in various styles and disciplines from fine art, murals and decorative painting, to set design and art restoration. He brings those techniques to bear; his art springs from voracious curiosity, passionate admiration for nature and hunger for knowledge that presents itself in the form of sacred geometry.

He observes and analyzes forms and strip them to their basic geometrical shapes. He found, that from these basics, a new idea can grow to its own independent and original physical manifestation. This contemplative process helps me understand the dynamics between the form and the Idea, the physical and the spiritual and the simplicity within complexity. He considers each painting a personal journey to explore these endless possibilities.

Another major subject of my observation is light and shadow.
None of that mentioned above would be visible to us without the presence of light. Yet, in its absence, there is a shadow reflecting the "real" in its obscure chaotic way. So it is, in psychological terms the dualistic tension between the positive and the negative. Such tension often results in paralyzing fear of the "unknown". Therefore "light", as "understanding" manages to bring order and clarity into the chaos. This “state of awakening” subsequently allow us to recognize familiar forms, shapes and colors emerging from the darkness of the sub-consciousness. The paralyzing fear is replaced with the feeling of relief and appreciation.

The "Surreal abstraction" becomes playful composition.

"Growing Bubbles"   "Woven Texture"   "Doves"   "Flamenco Plants"
"Stone Circles"   "Marbles"   "Crop Circle 1"    
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