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Heidi Zander

Ms. Zanders work bares the imprint of growing up immersed in the artist culture of Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Painting is an avenue in which she works to translate her solitary but universal experience to others.
Although she works in oils, pastels, mixed media and printmaking, (techniques that have varied outer appearances), responding to her environment remains a constant and prime focus. Through her art she works to share a feeling about moments, commonalities, and the awesome beauty, harmony and peace one may discover through nature.

Click on each picture below to see larger versions of the picture and additional information on the piece.

"Schooner"   "Sandy Bay Village"   "Sultry Afternoon"   "Harvest Moon"
"Sepia Sails at Anchor"   "Gloucester Harbor Afternoon"   "Thatcher Keepers Houses"   "Night In Sellennier Braun"
"Net Men of Smutty Nose Island"   "Lavender Line"   "Waltzing Waves"    
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