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Carol Summers

For the last ten years, Carol Summers has devoted her painting to landscapes exclusively. Prior to that, she was an abstract painter, but found that by expressing her feelings for landscapes has become increasingly more important. Nature heals and provides spiritual renewal. She finds that nature effects her in a way that is difficult to express in words. It is a visual experience: the sweep of the landscape needs to be seen to be experienced. She re-educated herself because realistic painting is a much different discipline than abstract painting. They can inform each other however. The abstract apsects of landscape (the interrelationship of forms, lines, color, dominant direction) can be altered and enlarged upon to "say something about the land." Composition is primary in her paintings because that is what invites the viewer in and establishes a communication between the artist and others. She has been called a "transitional landscape painter," which begins to describe what she does, the transition being from realistic to abstract. As she continues to paint, she will always maintain an image, a recognizable reference to nature.

Click on each picture below to see larger versions of the picture and additional information on the piece.

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"Salt Marsh"   "Housatanic"   "Wellfleet"   "Plum Island"
"Sunrise"   "Snow in the Woods"   "Mill Pond"   "Blazing Sunset"
"Peach Stream"   "Peaceful Evening"   "Chesapeake Geese"   "A Road Not Taken"
"Mill Pond"   "Connecticut"   "Housatonic"   "Wellfleet Marsh"
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