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Alex Khomsky

Khomsky 's artistic world is poetically symbolic, refined and elevated the way positive and resurrecting art should be. His characters portray happiness, mystery and contentment surrounded by magnificent backgrounds completed in the Old Masters techniques of glazing layers upon layers of thin oil paint, achieving the luminiciscent effect of light and color. Influence from great masters inspired Alexander to create his own individualized style and technique of painting. His works are richly textured, using different mediums and introduce splashes of relief in the main structure of painting. Achieving the illustrious handle of language, that only each of his painting could get, whenever he plays each of his character, Khomsky creates the invisible structure that allows us to watch the painting in a complete whole.

The colors are bright and vivid to create the atmosphere of joy, elegance and tranquility. His personages are beautiful women. They wear hats, which reflects their inner world, express their dreams and desires. You can see the touch of surrealism or a dream art here. Poetic images of the "Beautiful Ladies" series like one portrait in many different faces and roles,exist in serene and gorgeous surroundings: flowers, fruits, musical instruments, Paris cityscapes, decorative elements inspired by "Art Nouveau". Khomsky's paintings express the artist dream about slip away beaty, the dream about peace and cerenity in our lives.

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"Spanish Dancer"   "Muse"        
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